Increase of availability datacenter for Stater

Thumbs up.

To: All-Rack B.V


I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent organization of the project the past weekend (and the weeks before). Everything went very smooth, our clients and Stater colleagues did not experience any issues when returning to work on Monday (most of them were not aware of how intense this was for the company).

On behalf of our management team, I can assure you the project was very successful and you were an important part of this.

Martin Arts
Stater Project manager facilties

Another job carried out successfully, this time at Stater N.V.

Stater is the largest mortgage supplier in the Netherlands. They support over forty percent of all mortgages in the country. From approval of mortgage applications to the final repayment.

Due to the confidential nature of the ICT infrastructure we are unable to share in detail which activities All-Rack carried out. However, we can inform you that the ICT infrastructure now benefits from a greater availability.

Please contact All-Rack if you also want to increase the availability of your datacenter,

ICT Infrastructuur stater