All-Rack Datacenter Solutions

All-Rack Datacenter Solutions is organized in two segments: large datacenters and smaller on-premise datacenters which are also called computer rooms or server rooms. All-Rack is the perfect partner for you for both segments. These are severely critical areas for your ICT networks. Downtime is unacceptable. Employees of All-Rack have been involved in the design and use of these areas at a large number of datacenters and server rooms in the Netherlands. All-Rack does not depend on brands and manufacturers. They want to supply customers with the service and products they actually require. You can expect high-level recommendations and advice regarding constructional solutions, raised computer flooring, cabling, climate control, UPS and back-up power supply. All-Rack services both segments, therefore “the best of both worlds comes together” and you can rely on the best solution for your datacenters.



All-Rack datacenter solutions

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