October 2018

Schneider Electric extends its partner network with datacenter specialist All-Rack. An increasing market demand led to the need for an extension of their network of specialized datacenter partners. Schneider Electric found this partner in All-Rack. Efficiency, energy saving and sustainability are of great importance to both parties.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is worldwide specialist in energy management and process automation, and helps its customers managing their energy in a safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable manner. Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions for both commercial datacenters as on-premise IT rooms, i.e. edge applications.


All-Rack can supply commercial datacenters with the complete equipment of “white spaces”. Custom made is standard practice. They can also supply organizations with turnkey, on-premise datacenters. These areas are equipped with all requirements, such as emergency power supply, cooling installations, cabling and fire detection. All-Rack datacenters are equipped according to the latest standards. The All-Rack Datacenter Solutions division can provide organizations with employees who are able to carry out all activities on site.

“The market is constantly moving. There are more organizations who are in need of hybrid solutions, whereby a part of the data and applications are in the Cloud. The customer is also in need of fast and high availability of high amounts of data. Competent partners capable of brainstorming on such a design who can advise and unburden our customers, are hard to find. All-Rack is a partner who has the required expertise,” according to Sonja Boots, Channel Manager at Schneider Electric. “All-Rack also offers services which strengthen our proposition at out datacenter clients. All in all, a win-win situation.”

Johan de Graaf, managing director All-Rack: “All-Rack has been founded from the growth of commercial datacenters, which is how we have known Schneider Electric for quite some time. The Schneider Electric portfolio offers us the opportunity to extend our services. We have recently employed several specialists and the partnership with Schneider Electric enables us take the next step.”

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric leads the digital transformation of energy management and automation in houses, buildings, datacenters, infrastructure and industries. Its presence in more than a hundred countries, makes Schneider Electric the undisputed leader in energy management (medium voltage, low voltage and secure power) and automation systems. We deliver integrated efficient solutions combining energy, automation and software.

We work together with the largest partner, integrator and development network on our open platform in order to create real-time control and operation efficiency in our worldwide eco system.

We believe that our employees and clients make Schneider a successful organisation. Due to our efforts in the areas of innovation, diversity and sustainability, ‘Life is On’, for everyone, everywhere at any time.

About All-Rack B.V.

All-Rack Datacenter Solutions; Designing, Building, Structuring and Maintenance of datacenters and on-premise datacenters. All-Rack Datacenter Services; skilled specialist capable of carrying out all activities. The employees can look back on decades of experience in the branch and distinguish themselves by customization, unburdening, Time to Market and Customer Satisfaction.